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Brucce Wexler

I have been researching family information for fifty years. I have never been able to find the home town of my grandfather, Harry (Chiam) DORF. He came to America in October 1907 from Czernowitz, which was then in the province of Bukovina, Austria-Hungary.  It is now in the southwest of Ukraine.
He was born in  July, 1882, as far as I know. 
I have been told by his cousin, now deceased, that he grew up on a farm. 
In 1915 he prepared a paper called Intention to Become a Citizen. On that paper it was stated that he was born in Galicia.  His older brother, Aaron DORF, may have been  born in Zaleszczyki, Galicia. Aaron is buried  in a plot for that town. However, Aaron was 16 years older then my grandfather, so there is no guaranty that my grandfather was born there.
Any help in finding the birthplace of Harry (Chiam) DORF, would be greatly appreciated.

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