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I have not seen this entire thread so am not sure if this is what you are looking for.  I volunteered and transcribed records that were about colonists in Argentina in places like Moisesville.  I seem to have my spreadsheets but not my email messages.  I do not recall who was leading this initiative. Based on the properties of the spreadsheet, this was done in the summer of 2014.   It’s likely I read about it on the Jewishgen Discussion list, so perhaps searching that archive might find something.  I know this was just one of the locations in Argentina were eastern European Jews were settled.  I don’t off-hand know the other names.


Perhaps the person that worked on these records might read this and respond. 


When I googled “Moisesville” I found that it is now known as Moíses Ville.  There is a Kehillalinks page:

This link is to a Wiki page about the place:   There were many other sites listed when I googled.


By the way, I have no personal interest in this place but just chose to do this transcribing because I could connect to using Spanish.


 Barbara Hershey, Portland, Oregon, USA

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