Re: Brief Translation Request from German #germany #hungary

Peter Lobbenberg

 jzeisler@...  Jerry Zeisler asked for a translation of the entry on his cousin's ITS card after the war.  =============>

What an amazing story!

A couple of translation points:

I don't think "Renforter" is proper German, I assume it must be a corruption of some other word; but the sense seems clearly to be "confrontation".

As to Stadtwäldchen, this shouldn't be translated literally, as it's the name of a locality.  Several European cities have one, but to judge by the Reserveoberleutnant's name this seems likely to be the one in Budapest.  English Wikipedia calls it Városliget in Hungarian and City Park in English.  German Wikipedia duly has it as Stadtwäldchen.

Lastly, Parkett means "ballroom floor" - so Parketttänzer means "ballroom dancer".  As demonstrated by the wonderful postcard.

Peter Lobbenberg, London, UK

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