Looking for info on Milman (only one "L") family from Kishenev Bessarabia pre-1900 #bessarabia


Hi. I am researching my family. My mother's last name was Swerlick. Her mother was Rose Swerlick from Chişinău, Moldova. Her father was Pinchas Milman, whose father was Simcha Milman. Do you have any other information on Simcha? I also believe Simcha's father was Alter Milman and his mother was either Leya or Gitla (we're not sure of this generation). Simcha died around 1904. His son Pinchas (also found as Paul and Phillip) emigrated to America (port of Philadelphia) in 1915. Pinchas (1881-1946) was married to "Jennie" Chaya Shaindel Milman (born Raskofsky) (1883-1931). Paul and Jennie had six children - Maurice "Moe" (born in the US - Born C 1917/18 - 2000), Celia (1905-1993), Fay T (Stisya) (1907-2000), Dora R (Dwoire) (1908-1993), Rose (Ruchel) (1911-2008), Sarah R (born in the USA, 1915-1992).

Rose Milman (my grandmother) married Solomon Swerlick in Philadelphia in 1931 and had one child, Harriet "Janet" Swerlick (B 1932). She married Marvin Rosenthal (1930-2018) in 1950. I was born on 11/29/1960 in Bangor, ME. (Marvin was a Captain in the US Airforce at the time). My brother Jonathan David was also born in Bangor, ME (1962-1987).

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