Re: Werner and Eisenhandler families. #poland #ukraine


Thank you so much for this information. I have sent on your two replies to my husband's cousin in Australia. It is for him that I am doing this research. He remembers meeting Siegfried the horse-racer once when he came to Australia in 1964. He is the son of Blanka Werner, daughter of Berta Bluma Eisenhandler (or Werner after her mother and she and all her siblings reverted to Lea's maiden name of Werner. It is all quite complicated, not helped by the name changes! As Lea and Tobias were divorced in 1918, I assume the name change took place around that time. I have an electronic copy of the death certificate (from Sydney, Australia) of Berta and her first husband Siegfried Sacher Werner (not the horse-racer). Apart from that and a photo of Lea's gravestone, I have no official documents. The gravestone for Lea gives only her name and some Hebrew text, which I cannot read, but it may give some useful info on her parents, Chaim Werner and Marjim (Miriam?) Engelhart. I know nothing about the parents of Tobias Eisenhandler. Any help on any of the above topics would be most welcome. Please note that I will give a detailed reply to your other message when I have time to collect together all the relevant info.
Best regards, Maggie (yes the Ancestry tree maggiej78360 is mine!)

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