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Thank you so much for this information, Peter. I joined GenTeam a few weeks back, but didn't get very far as they said I really need to know where in Vienna the family lived. I also haven't got very far with, so if you are able to send any info privately I would much appreciate it. Here is the info I have on the other children of Tobias Eisenhandler and Lea Werner.
Heinrich born around 1891 in Nowe Miasto, died 10/12/1930 in Vienna. He married Else Grunbaum and they had two daughters, Gerda, born 11/9/1926 and Ruth, born 12/12/1928, both in Vienna.
Then came Berta Bluma, born 4/2/1896 in Nowe Miasto, died 19/12/1976 in Sydney, Australia.
Next was Sacher Siegfried Werner (the horse-racer), born on 29/12/1898 in Nowe Miasto, died 28/7/1983 in Hollywood, Florida. He married Martha but I have no info on her.
Moritz Robert was born on 14/5/1903 in Vienna, died 30/1/1968 in Katoomba. He married Grete Raymond (no dates known).
The last of the five children (unless there were more we don't know about) was Helene, born on 4/8/1906 in Vienna, died 19/2/2001 in Sydney. She married Richard Morley, born 3/6/1901 in Vienna, died 30/9/1960 in Sydney.
we don't know where Lea and Tobias were married. I have tried searching for Nowe Miasto (which means New Town!) but no luck so far. I think it may be useful to have a birth certificate for Lea and Tobias, as hopefully that would give their parents' names and perhaps some other details. In connection with the Werner family, who spent some time in Ulanov, I have been told that the official records are kept in Sanok, but the website I was indicated for searching their details is only in German and Polish, I think, so I am a bit stuck.
Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.
Best regards,

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