Rattner / Ratner Family Search #germany #belarus #austria-czech

Trish Lane

I am trying to find a link between my great uncle (by marriage) Pavel Israelovic Rattner (later Pavel Isidorovic Rattner )who was born in Belarus in 1859.  His wife was Ita lulia Ratner nee Rosenstein whose mother was Chasie Katherina Rosenstein nee Ratner. born in Constantinople.  Pave; was a famous Jewish engineer who put the electricity through St Petersburg  and was given the title of his Excellency.  His family were very famous in St Petersburg .  I believe they left Russia in 1917. I would like to find out what happened to them after they left Russia.  They had 2 daughters neither of whom had children and the daughters had a connection to Berlin?
Any information very welcome. 
Patricia Lane

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