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Brucce Wexler

Thank you for your note, having to do with my DORF ancestors. I have a picture of Aaron's gravestone which confirms his father was Benjamin. My grandfather's (Harry) headstone says his father was Aaron. I believe this was a mistake on the part of my Uncles and Aunts who ordered the headstone.  Aaron was definitely Harry's brother. Older by 16 years.
I have both my  grandfather's intention to be naturalized, and his Naturalization papers. I know the port, date and ship that my grandfather arrived on. It was the SS Zeeland, New York, October 7, 1907. (My father told me that he and my grandfather used to joke that they arrived the same week. My father being born in New York city on October 4, 1907). I actually have a copy of the report of the ship's landing from the NY Times, the following day. I also have the Passenger listing, showing my grandfathers name. It shows he arrived from Czernowitz, leaving my pregnant grandmother,and my two eldest uncles. The passenger ship listing shows the last residence as Czernowitz, but not a date or place of birth.
Aaron was married to a Gital Zwick. They had seven daughters, the first one born 1885, the last one, 1901. I doubt they were married in 1901.
It very  well may be that my grandfather was born in Zaleszczyki, but of course I would like to have proof. 
Thanks again for your note and information. I really appreciate it.
Bruce Wexler

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