Naming a Shtetl in a Family Tree #belarus #general


Is there a preferred standard in naming a village (shtetl) in one’s family tree, when the political boundaries of the shtetl have changed?   For example, my grandmother, Sarah Boldo, was born around 1900 in Lybucha, Grodno gubernia, Belarus, which is now Lyubcha, Minsk gubernia, Belarus.   Basically the county the village was in changed borders, from Grodno to Minsk.   I believe if I go back far enough, the village was earlier in Poland.  


So my question is whether to enter the village name for her birth in 1900 with today’s political boundaries (i.e. Minsk gubernia) or the political boundaries from when she was born in 1900 (i.e. Grodno gubernia)?


Also, in order to see a history of the village, to determine what the political boundaries were at any time in history, is there a book or online resource I could find  this information---perhaps a gazetteer?


Thank you,

Louis Loccisano

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