Re: Looking for Information on Harry FEINGOLD and Bessie WEISS, from Poland to Phoenixville, PA and NYC 1890s #poland #usa


I reached out to Congregation Beth Jacob, Phoenixville.  Below are the email responses.  Nothing on Feingolds.  The Weiss family I am familiar with settled in nearby Pottstown (10 miles from Phoenixville) where I grew up.  The Schwartz-Weiss clan (Hungarian Jews) arrived there around 1890.   I have a lot of information about that Weiss family.   By the way, is your cousin related to the Weiss family of Triangle Shoe Company?

Larry Cohen
Schwenksville, Pa.
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Mike Trachtenberg <mtrachtenberg@...>
Tue 5/19/2020 1:26 PM
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My sister who is 85 does not recognize them either

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Mike covered everything I know. I've never heard of any local Feinbergs. The Pottstown Weisses are cousins of mine, but Larry knows that because I've spoken to him about them.


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I cannot remember that name. No Feingolds buried in our cemetery. 


There are Weiss family in Pottstown- Sydney & Alvin Weiss. Sydney married Joanie Weiss, who is no longer a member of Shule.   


We had a Martin Weiss who was a member of our Shule. They owned a small store next to the Colonial Theater. He passed many years ago. They had a daughter Erica Weiss, who would be in her mid- 80's if she is still alive.


I will ask my sister if she remembers the Feingold  family .



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Mike and Lee,


Larry sent the below email…he’s a fellow Schwenksvillite with deep roots at the Pottstown Synagogue…. 


Anyway, do we have Feingolds in Congregation B’nai Jacob History?  I looked through Dan Baer’s stuff that I used for the Centennial book but while I saw references to Weisses in the early history, I didn’t see Feingolds.  But I’m thinking that I hear “Feingold” during Yizkor.  (Pity—I was just at CBJ  for the grocery box delivery today…I would have looked at the memorial plaques had I gotten the below email earlier…)


Anyway, if you recognize any of the names, let Larry know.  Thanks.



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