Re: Seeking birth records for 1880s/90s, Biharudvari, Hungary for FRIEDMANN family #hungary

Beth Long

Actually, I see it has its own record set:

"I am hunting for records of the family of Izsak and Szidonia Friedmann who lived in Biharudvari, Hungary in the late 1800s, I am trying to locate the birth records for their children (Margit Friedmann; Ferenc Friedmann; Szerén Friedmann; Regine Friedmann; Ernest Friedmann; Irén Friedmann and Kalman Friedmann) so it will help me to work out when they moved to Vienna. I have found Kalman and Ferencz in the civil records in 1897 and 1898 but would like to see the older children too. I would be very grateful if someone could help me to find the synagogue records for Biharudvari for before 1895.            Very many thanks,"

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