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Hi everyone, 

I am very happy to have found this site. I am looking for relatives of the Kohner family. There is a lot of information about many of the Kohners due in part to Baron Adolf Kohner, who was an art collector, bank owner, etc. Baron Adolf Kohner was the cousin and brother in law of my great grandfather, Baron Simon Wilhelm Kohner de Szaszberek. Once the Kohner family became barons, many of the put the name de Szaszberek after their name. My grandfather had at least six other siblings who survived into adulthood. He also had many cousins. 

As far as I know, my grandfather, Wilhelm Kohner was married twice before he met my great grandmother, Franziska Schmidt Kohner. He allegedly never had any children with his first two wives. It's also unclear if he ever actually married my great grandmother, even though she did take his last name. They had two children, Suzanne Kohner Shaw and Francesca Kohner Rader. Both Suzanne and Francesca eventually ended up in the United States. 

I am interested in finding any distant relatives who may have known of my grandmother and great aunt, or any of my other Kohner relatives. I have connected with a few people who have been very helpful, but I am looking to find more. I am particularly interested in finding out why my great grand parents appeared to never actually get married, and hearing possible stories and information about my grandmother and great aunt as children. 

I do know that both my grandmother and great aunt did not have their father's name Kohner on their birth certificates. This was saved their lives during the Holocaust and the Nazi invasion of Budapest. I now assume this is because my great grandparents were not married at the time of their births. 

Thank you so much! I appreciate any advice or thoughts about where to look next. I am on geni,com which I have found to be extremely  useful. 

Chessie Shaw
Boston, MA

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