Re: Loction of Kisenovich town. Romania? #general #romania

Yefim Kogan

Well,   again the spelling.   I am pretty sure that it is about town Kishinev or Chisinau... 

Here is a very old story I remember from my past travel in the the Soviet Union. It is my first encounter of spelling issue.  By the way I was born in Kishinev, USSR,  now - an independent country Republic of Moldova (or Moldova).  Also between world wars Kishinev was part of Romania.

I traveled with my family in Carpathian mountains.  We having dinner in a cafe.  One of the dishes got my attention:  "Кæшенёвские котлеты". (æ - as in word "bad").  I asked a person, what is Kæshinevskiy cutlet...  the answer was - hey, you should know, there is a town somewhere south, called Kæshinev...?!

My suggestion to you Bob, and to everybody,  if you want to get a location of a town or village, and you think you know the spelling of it,  please include into your message also an image of that spelling in the original language or at least how the name of the town was pronounced.

All the best, Yefim

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