Re: Simplest & Best Way For Extended Family To View/Comment On Digital Photos? #general


Thank you Martin for a thoughtful question and Lynn for a thoughtful response.

I am also interested in this type project for similar reasons (I have photo collections from three great aunts!)

One of my cousins set up a Facebook page and is using it as Lynn described, but I am having problems with it.  It is wonderful to see the old pictures, but I can't find them when I want to go back to look at them six months later. I suspect that it is a big job to properly tag and sort the photos as they are posted.

I have considered a few other solutions but have not tried them.  I am posting my ideas to see if anyone else has used them as I would like your feedback.

The software program TNG: The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding allows you to put your photos online in a digital family tree.  The samples are beautiful. The learning curve is steep.  I think that you can set the permissions to comment on a picture so that only a "member" of the site can post a comment.  Has anyone in this group used this successfully?

The software that comes with the scanning program QromaScan allows you to change the metadata with voice commands.  I saw that Martin and Lynn have already scanned their pictures, but I believe that you can add metadata to an existing scan with voice commands.  Has anyone in this group tried this?

I have no connection with these commercial products but would like other opinions of their value.  If the moderator thinks this is too commercial for JewishGen, please send me responses privately. 

Thank you!

Peggy Mosinger Freedman

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