Genealogy Research on LIEBERMAN South African Family Member Originally from Belarus #belarus #southafrica


Hello all,

I am researching my family history. I am searching for information about my great-great-aunt who moved to South Africa sometime around the beginning of the 20th century (she was born somewhere in what is now Belarus probably around Minsk or Byerazino). My family has lost contact with her part of the family a long time ago. I am told her husband owned a South African department store. Her maiden name is LIEBERMAN / LIBERMAN but I do not know what her husband's first and last name was. I am not sure how to track down what happened to her and her family. Below is information about the rest of her family.

Her brother, my great grandfather, Henry Lieberman (I think he was also known as Hillel), was born in Eastern Europe (probably Berezina or somewhere in/near Minsk) around 1882 (give or take a few years). Their father's name was Zvulun Lieberman (maybe also known as Julius) and their mother's name was Rachel (maiden name Frumkin). I am told that Henry/Hillel was one of six children. Besides for his sister that moved to South Africa, he had a brother (youngest of the siblings) Yosef that we think stayed in Russia/Belarus, a pair of twin brothers that moved to the U.K. (and both got married) and a sister Bayla/Beckie/Rebecca (or maybe also Zlota?) that moved to the U.S. and got married. Henry/Hillel escaped from Russia/Belarus around 1904 and then lived with his twin brothers in the U.K. for a few months before making his way to America, his final destination.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to track down what happened to my great-great-aunt who moved to South Africa and any children she may have had? Does anyone know of any Jews that owned South African department stores in the first half of the 20th century? I assume they lived in Johannesburg or maybe Cape Town because that's where most Jews live. Also, if anyone thinks they may have a connection please let me know.

Thank you so much,  Jason jliebe97@...>

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