Re: Brickwall for my Great Grandfather Simon DAVID [Summary of findings and thanks] #galicia


Dear JewishGen and Gesher Galicia community,

I wanted to thank everyone involved in helping me over this brickwall.

Shelley Mitchell and Johanna asked basic questions but they got me to shift to other methods of searching.

I wanted to pass on a hint with Family Search. I searched all Records, Simon Dawid, Bohorodczany - then changed the results on the left to Birth - Central Europe. This changed the results to just Dawid's with a birth in Europe. Up popped my Great Grandfather's Naturalization record. This showed Bohorodczany, Austria.

Allan Jordan wrote a sort of primer on searching for Naturalization records. This was very helpful.

Dr. Steven Turner, head of Gesher Galicia has videos of his travels with a group through Ukraine and Galicia. This video is both very moving and quite informative about the area. Dr. Turner passed by Bohorodczany on his way to Nadworna.

Then within the past few days, Dr. Zalewski, also a major contributor and VP at Gesher Galicia, released 2 wonderful videos on Galicia. I also began reading one of two books by Dr. Zalewski.

After contacting Dr. Zalewksi, who has part of his family is from Bohorodczany, we both connected and found 2 more generations residing in Bohorodczany. I got very lucky. Rare continued, though. Today we found an additional generation's signature that almost completes the generation chain.

I am deeply thankful to all involved. Especially, Doctor Zalewski.

Please support Gesher Galicia by becoming a member to view an amazing amount of information and if you can, to further support the Josephine-Franciscan Project.

Be safe, be careful, be healthy and stay home!

Researching: David (Dawid), Feuer, Yasner, Polsky, Sheinhorn & Glasser

Also researching on mothers side: Bender, Burstein and Wolf

Sincerely, Julien David,  wdsalumni86@...

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