moderated Re: Which name do I use to enter into my family tree program---the old Russian name or the USA name? #general #names


My "standard" is to use the birth name (albeit transliterated from another alphabet) as the "preferred" name and the Americanized version as an AKA. Using Family Tree Maker, I always show/print both the Preferred Name and the AKA. BTW, to dispel a common misconception: Beginning with the Immigration Act of 1893, no names were ever changed by American immigration authorities at Ellis Island or elsewhere. In fact, the immigrants left the arrival station with no official paperwork at all. The only document (except for medical purposes) was the Passenger Manifest which was , which was prepared by the steamship line at the port of embarkation and delivered to US immigration officials upon arrival. To be sure, lots of immigrants changed their names, but only on their own.

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