Re: Hungarian Forced LaborCompany 108-58 #holocaust #hungary #ukraine

Alex Magocsi

Reply to both Judy in Colorado and Tom in Melbourne:

Actually my goal was to find another source of data regarding the specific Forced Labor Company so that I could cross check where the said company worked. At the time of its existence, the company worked in the Kingdom of Hungary (refer to ), in what is now Ukraine. So I was bouncing between the referenced map and a modern google map of Ukraine and wanted to be as accurate as possible in naming the places. I’m all set with that aspect.

A year ago I did receive some good documentation from Arolsen Archives regarding a survivor of the referenced Labor Company. And based on this data I worked with the survivor’s son and he dug up more information in his late Father’s papers. I suspect that is all we will find unless there are other descendants of survivors who also have documents.

So it was primarily the fact that I knew a name that opened the door to the documents.

It is my understanding that the Hungarian officials destroyed the records of the various Labor Companies.  

Alex Magocsi

York Maine / Hamburg Germany


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