Re: Re: David and Ida.ITZIK from Kalarash #bessarabia


Thank you Yefim for your research efforts.  

Here are the only facts I am certain of: My grandfather Itzik Harol arrived in NY in 1907. That was his name on the ship manifest. Later Americanized to Isador Harold.  His WW I draft registration has a birthdate April 22, 1892, originally from Kalarash. Although our family remembers him stating he was from Odessa.  

I am searching for Itzik’s birth records confirming his parents were David and Ida who he listed on his transcribed marriage certificate in the US in 1917.  If David and Ida are his parents I would like to find out as much information as possible about them and their ancestors.  Perhaps David’s father was Itsko born around 1818? 

What is the significance of having two surnames Nisimov/Kharal? Is that common and should I be searching for Nisimov as well?  It appears that David remarried in 1910 at age 53.  I did not know this.  Is Nesvizh his second wife’s surname? Who are the names Aydenshteyn and Dekhterman appearing in the marriage record?  

I would like to move forward With a comprehensive search and retrieval of original records. Is this something you have the time to help me with? Again, thank you very much for your time and help.


Rick Harold

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