Re: Sharing family tree information #general


     This is a very important question and I thank you for asking it.  First if all, at least you got an answer!! 😃.
     I agree with Judy Salomon, to only share information about dead relatives, especially in these times of scams, fraud and identity theft. I would add that you should go slowly, not quickly.  Is he a “collector” or a “researcher?” A researcher documents sources so that others can judge the evidence. A collector adds names without reproducible  documentation, which may be picked up by other collectors, and so on and so on. You only want to share your research with other researchers. How do you determine if he is a researcher? 
     1. You expect him to credit you as the researcher in his source.  Give him one connection and see if he follows through with crediting you. In addition, if his tree is public online, know that everything you give will forever come back to you as “hints,” and if he doesn’t credit you in the source, you will spend time on the trail, right back to your own work.
     2. Do you want any information from him? Again, give him one connection and see if and how he returns the favor.  I’ve met many great people this way, but I’ve also met many “takers” who take what I give, put their name on it, and disappear. 
     This is my opinion, based on 30+ years of research, but I’m open to discussion. 😃
Good luck and happy hunting!
Reba Harris Solomon
ZALCMAN, LUBECK-Congress Poland

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