Re: help with translation #bessarabia #yiddish

Dr.Josef ASH

I don't see in these cards any connection to Calarash
1 (black): It is a "poem" in Russian.( she was not Pushkin, so I'll write without rhymes...)
for a long memory to dear mother from her youngest daughter Raja. If we shall never meet, let my picture be with you.
St(ation) Iset'
May 12, 1952
2 (violet): for the long memory to the brother and daughter-in-law from syster Raja
If after years I'll be forgotten by you, let the picture will leave the track of what we passed together.
St. Iset' Dec. 26, 1954
3 (green): she knew yiddish: "for (something good - ja) from your sister Dvora.
Aug 8 1936
Bet of Av "

If you want some explanation, write me,
Josef ASH, Israel

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