New Research: Jews in Ramsgate #unitedkingdom

Diana da Costa

New Research: Jews in Ramsgate   UK  Montefiore Estate & Lady Judith Montefiore College


A new book titled “The Montefiore Estate and the Village of Hereson” has just been published by Gerald Tripp and Benedict Kelly which is the culmination of years of researching and delving into records hitherto unseen. This is the second book by the authors** who have already been an enormous help to any genealogist researching Jewish ancestors from Ramsgate.  The book delineates the history of the former village of Hereson, once a medieval hamlet, historically owned by a small number landowners which included Sir Moses Montefiore and which is where Sir Moses built his Synagogue.  East Cliff Lodge, home to Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore, is included in the research as part of the Montefiore Estate. The research is fully referenced and includes many historical photographs, plans and maps. For anyone with roots in this part of Ramsgate, Jewish or otherwise, or for scholars of the Montefiore narrative,  or who has historic connections with the Lady Judith Montefiore College - this is a “must read” as the book includes details of those who lived in this area from the 18th century onwards. 


Books can be purchased via the website:, which also gives details of other publications** by Benedict Kelly and Gerald Tripp of their researches into Ramsgate’s history.  Once life has returned to something resembling normality, books will be on sale in local shops and outlets.  In the meanwhile, queries and requests for further information can be addressed to the authors at g.e.w.tripp@....  I have no personal or financial interest in this publication.


** “Ramsgate Jewish Cemetery 1872-2016 – Burial Register & Map, Monumental Inscriptions and Selected Obituaries” was published in 2016.


Diana (Mohr) Gomes da Costa, Kent UK - formerly from London – Hon. Sec. Ramsgate Montefiore Heritage

Researcher number: 166938   email: dianadacosta@...


Researches all originally from Bavaria, mainly Furth, Nurnberg and Bamberg as listed in the JGFF database.


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