Austria, Vienna: Exit questionnaire & visa documents #austria-czech



In searching for the exit trails of my Heilpern Family members, from Vienna, following the Anschluss, I have encountered tall brick walls.  I have heard tell of "exit questionnaires" that were filed with the IKW, and various documents needing to be submitted in order to get visas (ie. -proof of bills all paid, how much money they had,etc.), and of course, the visas themselves.  I've looked, for years, at Family Search, My Heritage, Ancestry, GenTeam & the US Holocaust Museum (online), as well as doing Google searches --- NO luck.  Perhaps, someone out there among the many researchers, has figured out where to find these critical papers.  If so, would you please tell me what you did & where they were hiding?  Here are the people I need/want to find such information for:  Alfred, Gisela & Ernestine Lea Heilpern (brother, sister,mother). I know they all went to England first.  Berta, Kurt (Marianna Zerkowitz Heilpern), & Rosalia Helena Heilpern (sister,brother & wife,mother). I know Berta went to England first, The others went to Buenos Aires, Argentina. These are the families of two brothers: Isak & Adolph Abraham Heilpern. Many thanks, in advance, to those who might have the answers I am seeking!


Leah Heilpern Snider

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