Re: Samovics family from Benedike/Benedikovce/Benedykivtsi #hungary

Jacob Heisler

There are two places I'd recommend going for Benedike records:

1. which has a
database of a ton of records from Subcarpathia, the area in modern-day
Ukraine that was formerly part of the Kingdom of Hungary pre-WW1 and
Czechoslovakia in the inter-war period. The database itself is free,
but it closets $15.75 to order the record itself. For Benedike they do
have a bunch of birth records available, and when I searched for
Samovics I found a number of records, with two sets of parents for the
records: Herman and an Izraelovics (who had children between
1881-1903), and Pinkas and an Engelman (who had children between

or the Ukrainian WIkipedia page for Shtetl. For the last several
years, Jewish records have been digitized from all over Ukraine and
uploaded to the page, including a significant number of Subcarpathian
records. Google Translate can translate the page into English, and
while the records themselves aren't text-searchable the Subcarpathian
records are in the Latin alphabet and it's fairly simple to scroll
through the pages until you find what you're looking for. They have
Benedike records from 1863-1895, which should include both birth
records mentioned in the Sub-Carpatia website I mentioned before along
with marriage and death records that are not in the database. Fair
warning, a significant number of those records are for towns part of
the Benedike district.

To sum up, you can get Benedike up to 1895 for free from the Wikipedia
page, but after that you'd need to buy them from the Sub-Carpathia

I hope that helps!

Jacob Heisler
Boston, MA

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Based on ship manifest records from 1899-1909 and from the Auschwitz-Buchenwald Transport during January 22 & 26, 1945, I discovered that my Samovics relatives were from Benedike (a.k.a. Benedikovce during WW II) in what was then part of Hungary (it is now part of the Ukraine and is referred to as Benedykivtsi). I am looking for advice about how to specifically access records from this town.

Todd Samovitz

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