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Meron Lavie wrote: "I recently found a photo of a relative's grave, a married woman with a young child, who died in 1910.The headstone has "BELOVED MOTHER" inscribed above the woman's name, and concludes at the bottom with "MOTHER". The woman was married and the husband was still alive and healthy when she died.Is there any significance to the fact she is not described as "BELOVED HUSBAND" and "HUSBAND", as well? Am I reading too much into this?   I already have some other strong circumstantial evidence that this guy was not "Husband of the Year" material.==================>

Hello Meron:

I have two comments on your post.

1. If the woman's grave has Beloved Mother, it means the deceased is a female. Therefore, it would never say Husband. It would say Wife.

2. Have you looked at when the husband died? I found my great-grandmother's grave and it also said only Mother. When she passed away, she was a grandmother as well as a great-grandmother. Her husband had died decades before. Her sons paid for the grave stone. It is my guess they thought of her as their mother and therefore that is what was put on her marker. I am unsure if the cost would have been extra to add the additional titles and therefore Mother was sufficient.

I hope this helps.    Rhonda Post    Rhonda.Post@...

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