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rv Kaplan


As far as I know, it's a myth that the Duchess of Cambridge is Jewish. eg see:

I'm sure that if it was definite, we would know about it and be reminded constantly.

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On Fri, 22 May 2020 at 17:34, Marcel Apsel <marcap@...> wrote:

Yale Zuss has at least the honesty to say he was not claiming that he is of Davidic descent.  Me too.  A major problem in Jewish genealogy is that some people are desperate to be linked to a famous scholar and it happens quite often that even some rabbis are fabricating genealogies through syllogism, by using distorted analyses.  And those distorted analyses will be used in the future as correct facts  I see it often in geni, were for example, a son is born 30 years after the mother passed away, or a girl named after a living mother (Ashkenazi) etc …

I heard once that even the British royal family claims to be of Davidic descent.  I do not know it this is through or not; anyhow impossible to prove.  One thing is for sure : the third heir of the British crown, prince George is Jewish; his mother princess Kate is Jewish, because princess Kate’s mother was a Goldsmith and from Jewish descent.  In Great Britain a lot of politicians are of Jewish descent.  Order, order, John Bercow, former speaker of the Parliament is a descendant of Romanian Jews.  Etc. etc …


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