Re: Warsaw birth record - why registered 3 months late? #general #warsaw

Stanley Diamond

 Elizabeth Jackson wrote/asked

    " I have received a birth record from Warsaw for my Great Aunt. 

    It was registered three months following the event.

    Why might they have waited so long to report it?"  ======÷=÷÷>

The answer to this question related to the Jewish records of Poland are

included the JRI-Poland's Frequently Asked Questions available at 

What Information is Included in the Search Results?

A search of the database will usually produce results that include the surname and first name of an individual, the year of registration of the event, the type of event (birth, marriage, death designated by the abbreviations B, M, or D), the town or village where the event occurred, and the AKT (certificate) number for the year of registration. For some towns/years the search results will include additional information such as father's name, mother's name, mother's maiden name, age at death, etc.

It is important to note that many life-cycle events - particularly births - often were not registered during the actual year the event occurred. Registration for births, for example, could have taken place years or decades after the actual birth. In addition, families sometimes registered several or all of their children at one time. The database search results might indicate an abundance of births in the same year for the same family. Be mindful that multiple same-year registrations for a family did not necessarily indicate the birth of twins, triplets, or quadruplets.

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