Ukrainian birthplace for one great uncle from Northern Lithuania #lithuania #ukraine

Michele Lock

I have been researching the history of the Lak/Lock family of Gruzd/Zagare, Lithuania, near the Latvian border area. All nine siblings in the family, born circa 1885-1905, list Gruzd or nearby towns as their birthplace on various documents, except for one younger brother, born in 1902 and who emigrated in 1923. This brother lists 'Slaviansk' as his birthplace, both on his ship passenger list in 1923, and on his 1942 US draft card.

Could Slaviansk, in the southern Ukraine, be the place where the family was exiled to during WW I? I know that the Jews were forced to leave Lithuania and were deported into inner parts of the Russian empire during this time. I also noticed on the ship manifest that he lists his nationality as Russian, and not Lithuanian. I suspect that he had difficulty getting Lithuanian citizenship, and may have been forced to declare himself a Russian citizen, and then made to declare a Russian birthplace.

Thanks for any input on this.     Michele Lock,  Alexandria, VA

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