Re: Sharing family tree information #general

Jonathan Jacobs

Re: Sharing family tree information #general
From: martyn@...
Date: Sat, 23 May 2020 10:07:00 EDT

I have also learned to be cautious. I must say that I do not much like the big Genealogy sites whose view of reliable sources is no greater than quoting their own customers' unsourced trees. 

I think what you are talking about is GENI and possible to a smaller extent, MyHeritage.  I agree.  But, with Ancestry, I immediately (now) ignore the tree hints.  Just look at the documents only.  I only look at the tree hints as a last resort to see as a general rule and see in which direction others went.  But I do try to see if there is any documentation that proves it.

Jonathan Jacobs

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