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Ernst-Peter Winter


I have once again checked the entire book on Hebenshausen.
Both in the original under
image 14, as well as in the duplicate
image 13, the first name of the mother Schewelche, daughter
Caroliene, can be found (in the duplicate both better

Strange is the death entry of the daughter in image 71 in
the original and image 72 in the duplicate. In the original
the death is recorded for April 29, 1841 and for May 2 the
burial of
"Karoline Frank, Tochter der Schewelchen Frank, unehelich,
in einem Alter von 11 Monathen"
"Karoline Frank, daughter of Schewelchen Frank,
illegitimate/out of wedlock, at the age of 11 months",
In the duplicate was originally "Meyersburg", is deleted and
overwritten with "Frank". The crossed out words at age
cannot be deciphered because of the quality of the original.

Also the note under the date of death/burial is different.
"Nachgetragen auf Grund der Kreisamtsacten 2/53 C"
"Supplemented on the basis of the District Office acts 2/53 C"
"Nachgetragen auf der Grund(lage?) der Kreisamts-Verhandlung
2/53 C"
"Supplemented on the basis of the District Office hearing
2/53 C".

I think that the couple Meiersburg - Frank were not married
at that time. Since the surviving Samuel later carries the
family name of the father, a marriage should have taken
place later.

If there are no other original documents from Germany, but
only registrations from the United States, Schewelche Frank
and Julia Frank could be identical - she would then have
taken a more pronounceable name.

Ernst-Peter Winter, M√ľnster, Hesse

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