Re: Ukrainian birthplace for one great uncle from Northern Lithuania #lithuania #ukraine

Todd Warnick

Funny you mention this. My great-great grandfather was from Odessa - or so we thought - and I just found his US citizenship declaration document from 1913 where he declares that he was born in Kovno (in 1855). No one has ever heard that the family was from Kovno. As Sally wrote, "anything is possible" - and it's also possible that for some unknown reason he was also lying on his declaration!
Todd Warnick

"Could Slaviansk, in the southern Ukraine, be the place where the family was exiled to during WW I?"
Anything is possible - my usual reply for most genealogy questions. 
I had a cousin Jankel, who came to the US from the hometown, Augustow, now Poland, then Russia, in 1890.  When I got his naturalization papers - the last ones in Niagara County Hall - he was born in Marseilles.
Southern France is about as far from NE Poland (today) as you can get. But apparently the parents and other kids went to Marseilles in the rebellion / cholera epidemic / famine of the 1860s. But they also went back to Russia, because he came to the US from there."
Sally Bruckheimer

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