Eastern European surname suffix in transliteration #translation #names

Avigdor Ben-Dov <avigdorbd@...>

Does anyone know a linguistic reason to prefer a transliteration of
the Hebrew suffix bet-yud--tzadik sofi such as in the name Rabinovitz
in the absence of documentary evidence? If no rule or reason shouldn't
phonetic usage dictate consistent transliterations within one document
or book?
Sometimes a name is spelled -witz or. as from the Polish to English
usage -wicz.. Common also are the suffixes --vich., -vitch -wich and
-witch (as in Borovitch or Borovich). The latter usage seems unsound
phonetically, but it exists. A name is a private matter after all and
can be legally changed. Appreciate any comments.
#name suffix transliteration into English from Hebrew or Yiddish.

Avigdor Ben-Dov

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