Re: Ukrainian birthplace for one great uncle from Northern Lithuania #lithuania #ukraine

Michele Lock

I should have added some more information. The older siblings and one younger sibling (born in 1905) list their birthplaces at or near Zagare, Lithuania. It doesn't make much sense to me that the son born in 1902 would have been born 700 miles away in southern Ukraine. 

There is an article on JewishGen about the exile of Jews from Lithuania into Russia in 1915, and one of the areas of exile mentioned is the Yekaterinoslav Gubernia in southern Ukraine, where Slaviansk is located.  

In 1920, when the Jews were allowed back into the newly independent Lithuania, this son and two of his brothers (the ones who had not yet left for the US), applied for their internal passports to the Lithuanian government (from records on JewishGen). Once the Lithuanian Archives are open again, I plan on getting copies of these applications, and I imagine there will be more info about where they had spent the preceding 5 years.

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