Origins of Jews in the Zilina Region, Slovakia; Rock Quarries; Grywald, Poland #austria-czech #poland

Hilary Osofsky

My Stein family lived in the Zilina region of Slovakia during the 1840's in and near Vychodna, but we don't know when they arrived, or where they might have originated. Vychodna is not that distant from the southern border of Poland. Does anyone know where Jews in that area might have come from during the mid-1700's to mid-1800's?

And, a real stretch: I have reason to believe that there might have been rock quarries in the vicinity which were conceivably the basis for the name Stein (German: stone). Can anyone confirm this? 

Separately, I'm trying to determine whether Grywald, Poland, was formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

According to the 1887 Zalesie death record (transcript) of my g-great-grandmother, Rebeka (Guttman) Nuernberger, she was born c. 1817 in "Grunwald."  I believe Grunwald is a reference to Grywald, Poland, formerly named Grunvald, 
which is only some eight miles from Zalesie. Both Zalesie and Grywald are very close to the Slovak / Polish border but are now on opposite sides. I'm unable to determine from maps online whether Grywald was formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and hope that someone might have a better map that clarifies this.

I would greatly appreciate any help with these questions.

Hilary (Stein) Osofsky
Orinda, CA

STEIN: Vychona, Turany, Sucany, Kiraly Lehota / Kral'ova Lehota, Liptovsky Hradok, Liptovska Porubka, 
REICHER: Benadikova, Budapest
WOLF: Huncovce, Sulin, Kis Szalok, Nizne Ruzbachy, Bucovce, Spenglau, Jelsava, Cerveny Kamen, Szatmar / Satu Mare
NUERNBERGER / NIRNBERGER: Gibely / Zalesie, Hagy, Spisska Stara Ves, Presov, Nizne Ruzbachy, Vysne Ruzbachy, Podolinic, Zsolna

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