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Shana Millstein

I have been trying to find any documentation/information about my
great-grandfather Shimon MILLSTEIN. He was married to a woman named
Dora who bore him 3 sons: Harris (b. 1885 in Kiev), Joseph (b. 1888,
likely also Kiev), and Julius. Dora died and Shimon remarried Sonia
Ortenberg (bc 1870). Sonia bore him 2 sons: Isidore (born 1897 in
Akkerman, my grandfather) and Howard [or Chaim or Hesse](b.1904). In
Akkerman he was in the grain business, possibly as a grain wholesaler
and grocer. Shimon died in Russia most likely between late 1903 and
1906. My searches on JewishGen, Ancestry, Family Search have yielded
nothing for Shimon or Dora (or various spellings, etc) that fits the
dates and information I do have. Any thoughts about how I might
proceed?  Thanks for any help!

Shana Millstein <shanamillstein@...>
San Francisco California

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