Re: What Do You Pay a Translator for a 50 Page Document in Pollsh #translation

Yehuda Berman

I don't know the translation charge from Polish to  English but I should imagine that a lot depends on how long it takes to translate a page, and what the cost of living is in a given country. I'm a semi-retired professional translator from Hebrew to English, mostly academic articles and books. I charge per double-spaced English page (because an English page is about 30-35 % longer than a Hebrew page, which is written without vowels). On the average a good translation takes about an hour per 250 word English page. The cost of living here is high. Anybody in Israel who charged $2 a page (like the German translator) would have a hard time making ends meet. Assuming that, unlike Hebrew, it takes only 15 minutes to translate a page from Polish to English, in a 40 hour week he would earn $320, or about $16,000 a year.  Three possibilities: 1) the cost of living is low; 2) he only translates part-time and his main job is something else; 3) quality leaves something to be desired.
Yehuda Berman
Efrat, Israel

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