Seeking a Distant FRIEDMAN Connection #usa #ukraine

Matt Friedman

A few weeks ago I viewed an Ancestry map of potential DNA matches and saw a friend, Susan Breslauer, as a potential 4th cousin.  I called her and she exuberantly said that she had recently discovered the identity of her birth father as Marshall FRIEDMAN.  The challenge is that the farthest back known Friedman ancestor from me is 4 generations.  Moshe Leib Friedman who lived in the Horodenka, Ukraine area in a small village Jasienow Polny (with variant spellings).  Two of Moshe Leib's son came to the US.  We know with certainty the identity of all of Moshe Leib's descendants.  None of his European family survived WWII. I am the only remaining male descendant with the name of FRIEDMAN.  The Ancestry list has no Friedmans listed.  We don't know anything about Moshe Leib's extended family.   We don't know if he had brothers or cousins that could potentially have Friedman descendants.  Susan has few details about Marshall but is persuing available records and connections.  So far she has not found a "missing link." Possible geographic connections for Marshall, who would now be in his early 80's, are the Baltimore area and Ohio.  Social media searches haven't led anywhere definitive.  A potential 4th cousin is already a genetic stretch, but it would be wonderful to find a link to other relatives.

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