Re: Percentages of ancestry - my Ashkenazi father seems to be partly of Italian/Greek descent? #dna

Kenneth Ryesky

Following the Roman conquest of Judea, Jews were scattered throughout the Mediterranean, Europe, and indeed, the world.  The Romans (and before them, the Greeks) took many Jews as slaves, and, as soldiers then as now often did, with varying combinations of force and consentuality, took "war brides" from the territories in which they served.  Jewish slave labor built many of the historical structures of Rome, including the Coliseum.

So it is not unusual for one of these DNA testing concerns to report Greek and/or Italian DNA in its Jewish clients.  Oftentimes it is not so much a case of Jews having Italian DNA so much as Italians having Jewish DNA.    {Remember that if a boy looks like his father it is heredity, but if he looks like the mailman then it is environment.}    -- KHR

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