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Does any of this ring a bell?  If so, would be interested in hearing from you. 
I have quite a bit of information on this branch of YELLINs. 

My ggf was Azariel Zelig (Zelk) YELLIN.  His father’s name was Srol (1807-77) and
his mother’s name was Rochel Leah.  Srol’s His grandfather’s name was Hersh. 
According to the marriage records of two of Zelig’s daughters, he was married to
Marim Rochle KRZEWICZ.  I now have their marriage record as well.  They were
married in June 1877.   Her parents were Boruch and Dwejra. 

According to Srol Yellin’s death record from 1877, these are their children:

Sons:  Joszk Jankiel , Zelik, Pejsach Herszk and Matys
Daughters:  Sora Jenta and Bejla Itka

My grandfather, Sam Levin, was born Sam Yellin in Wysockie Maz, probably around
1890.  He settled in Chicago and in 1913, married ANNA BEDO(WICZ) who was from
Zambrow.  They had three children, Ida (z”l), Sol (z"l), and my father Jack
(z”l), all who lived in Chicago, although Ida moved to California and passed
away there in 2017 at 102. My grandfather was the youngest in the family. 

According the one of the last folks from the old country, my grandfather had six
sisters and one brother – Sarah (Surki), Chana,  Pesha Mindile (Bessie), Molkie
(Malcha), Shelub,and Bella Itka, and Lazar.   I believe only the first three and
my grandfather got out of the old country.  I have the marriage record of Bella
(Itka) Yellin.  She married Chilko (Hillel) Slklo (son of Shi and Pesia
(Bessie)), also of Wysockie Maz, in Wysockie on November 28, 1909.    She was
26, he was 25.   They were married by Rabbi Aron Perlman, the last rabbi of
Wysockie.  He perished in the Holocaust, as I assume this couple did. Based on
one of the other records I have, Bessie Yellin was born in 1880.  Surki married
Abe Zaitz in Wysockie in 1895.  Bessie married to Harry Slodki in Wysockie in
1900.  (These two couples settled in Chicago before the war).  Malcha married
Chilko Blodsztejn in Wysockie in 1907).  I have this marriage record as well. 
They did not leave the old country.

Chana married a COHEN.  They had five children, Lil, Ann, Sylvia, George, and
Freda.   Ann married a ROSENBERG.  They had at least one child, Bert, who
married Joan in New York in 1957.  I understand this branch of the family
lives(d) in Bell Harbor, New York.

Bessie married Harry SLOTKY (Slodki) in Wysockie in 1900.  They had four
children, Joe, Meyer, Sol, and Sam.  They lived in Chicago.

Somewhere along the line, there is a Nathan (Nissan) Yellin.  I have been in
contact with his descendents. Nissan (SONA in Yiddish) YELLIN had six or seven
kids, including Velvel Wolf YALEN who married Fanny PEARLMAN and Schmule YELEN. 
These two children settled in the Hartford area.  Sona also had a daughter,
Rebecca YELLIN who married Lazer BEN r. NEHEMIAH.  They eventually settled in
Columbus, Georgia.  My grandfather frequently visited with this branch of the
family including cousins Mildred (Feinberg) Green and Bernice (Feinberg)
Weinstein.  There were so many cousins, that I understand there was a "Sona's
Club," which was an annual gathering of cousins somewhere in the southeast
during the 1930s.  Sona also had a son BEROL who was born around 1859.  He
married Asna Leah BERENSZTEJN in Lomza or Jablonka in 1880.  According to the
marriage record, Sona was married to Basia, daughter of BEREK, and that Sona’s
father’s name was Lazar (Lejzor).  One of their children, Bessie, married Sam
Zaitz who was from Wysockie.  The story is that he changed his name to Yellin
when my grandfather brought him over from the old country.  The cousin
relationship may be here because Abe ZAITZ married my great aunt Sara (Surkie)
YELLIN  in Wysockie Maz in 1895.  This couple had five children:  Julius, Zelda
(Sylvia), Joe, Sol, and Sam (who took back the name Sam YELLIN). 

 Sandy Levin <s.levin@...>

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