Re: How do I get a copy of the death record of Zelman BERKOWITZ who died in Odessa on 16 Dec 1924 #ukraine

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Hi Larry.

Just an aside -- are we sure that this grave is in Odessa? Who is in the picture? What does the grave say?

My dad's grandmother (Zelman's daughter Leike/Elisabeth) always said she was "from Odessa." But on her 1911 ship manifest she says she was born in "Chersonska", her last residence was Lokhvitsa, Poltava (she's also listed as living there in 1908 on her husband Israel Amberg's ship manifest, & he seems to have been from there) -- & her dad "Salmon Berkowitz in Chersonska" is listed as her contact back home in 1911. So I'm assuming the Berkowitzes were there for a while before coming to the US.

When I was first in contact with you, I was just starting my family tree research. I've got to go back in & correct so many things -- and continue also to credit you in the places where you gave me the info! So many loose ends...

I never did go & look for ship manifests for all the other Berkowitz folks who went to Buffalo, I need to do that! I was able to see Tzipa's 1918 Buffalo death index info, but I don't have her death certificate, gravestone, or anything else really.

Why did she come to the US without her husband -- or did he come also & then go back to Russia/Ukraine, & then die there in 1924?

I've been helping download all the new Ukraine records being posted online by Alex Krakovsky on Wikipedia, I've totally lost track of my own research & my family tree is crap. There are Kherson records up now there, so we may have some leads, but I can do spreadsheets etc, but cannot read Russian or Hebrew...

Best regards from France,
Juliana berland

On 5/24/2020 18:32, LarryBassist@... wrote:

Hi Siggers,
  My great grandfather, Zelman BERKOWITZ, died in Odessa on 16 Dec 1924. I want to get a copy of his death record. How do I do it? A photo of his headstone is attached.
  Do any of you have access to these records and would be willing to get me a copy, or do you know anyone who could?
  Any help and/or guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you,  Larry Bassist,  Springville, Utah, USA 

List the surnames/towns that you are researching in the JewishGen Family Finder.
Go to and click on ENTER/MODIFY.


/// Russia: BENIN / BERLAND Czernigow; Romny, Poltava > (Paris>) Chicago AMBERG BERKOWITZ EPSTEINE Odessa, Kherson, Poltava > (Paris >) Buffalo NY; Chicago GELBURD / GAYLBURD / GOLDBERG / GILBERT Vinnitsya; Nemyriv; Priluki Staraya; Podolia gub. > Philadelphia; Atlantic City; Milwaukee /// Galicia/Poland: BADER Felsztyn (Skelivka) > Philadelphia BADIAN Komarno? FELDMA(N)N Wolanka / Boryslaw > Philadelphia FREIDENHEIM Stryj, Drohobycz, etc. GERTLER Komarno, Wolanka, Stryj, Drohobycz, etc. WEINER/WIENER ? /// Germany: ADELSDORFER  BÄR / BAER Buttenhausen > mid-W US, esp. near Vandenburgh Co, IN. EPSTEI(N)N Willmarsch?, Röhrenfurth/Melsungen, Sachsenhausen, Guxhagen > Luxembourg; Amsterdam; mid-W US, esp. near Vandenburgh Co, IN HAUSSMAN Heidenheim? ISAAK Fellheim? MEYER Hannover > Aurora, IN. MOSES Gottenheim/Gottersheim, Sachsenhausen, Röhrenfurth. ROSENSTEIN Stuttgart; Elberfeld? > Philadelphia, Lancaster, PA.


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