Re: : HIAS & Ethnic Bank records in Philadelphia, PA #belarus

daniel preissman

my great great grandmother, I believe was from Pakruojus, Lithuania her name was Minnie (Sphrintz) Bernstein (1850s - 1921) She married Solomon Brenner (1840s - 1905). They lived in Philadelphia ( immigrated around 1885) and are buried at Har Nebo, Philadelphia. We have been trying to chase her side without results and mixed results on the Brenner side prior to Solomon. Around 1895 Solomon purchased a ticket for Chana Bernstein (perhaps niece) from Pakruojus to Philly when Chana was 19 years old (Rosenbaum bank passage records). She probably married and we are unable to find trace of her other than passenger ticket. Their child, Rabbi Nathan Israel Brenner was the grandfather of David Brenner (comedian). They had several other children including my great grandmother Olga Brenner (Kasdin).

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