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Thank you very much for searching the register books and providing translations to the information listed therein.  I had not realized that there were 2 sets of books and that the books contain separate entries. I quite probably would have overlooked the entry for the death of Karline.  I had realized that she had died prior to the 1842 Census in Bovenden, as shown in Die judischen Einwohner Bovenden Tom 17. bis 19. Jahrhundret, a part of which I have typed in below.
Name               Vorname      geb.Mon./Jahr        1839    1842     1845

Meyersburg      Gerson             11.1815                   x           x           x
                         Ehefrau Julie      9.1816                                x           x
                         Samoel              5.1840                                 x           x
                         Chanette            5.1844                                             x

This census information shows that Julie was the name of Gerson's wife as of 1842.  Schewelchen is not mentioned.  Also that Samuel was acknowledged as a Meyersburg.

A paragraph from Geschichte der judischen Gemeide Bovenden lists Samuel Meyersburg by name at age 18, which further indicates that he was considered legitimate.

I have several more entries from that register which I will be putting into ViewMate for translating in the next weeks.

Again my sincere thanks,

Rich Meyersburg
Laurel, MD

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