ViewMate Translation Request-- Polish #galicia #translation


This is a request (my first :)) to translate Polish handwriting from a JRI Poland record. The record is on ViewMate at the following address:


 The record appears to document the birth of  of Perl-Jutte Pilpel, daughter of Izak Pilpel and Chaja Rosela Projekt. I believe that the birth occurred in 1862 (when her parents lived in L'vov) but was recorded in 1884 (by which time her parents had moved to Vienna). Did her parents leave her behind in L'vov? What was the reason to record the birth 22 years later? (Perhaps because she was now marrying?) There is so much other language in the record and I am hoping that some kind and expert person can tell me what it says (all of it, if possible) so that I can unravel these mysteries.

Please respond using the ViewMate online form.    Many thanks!       Jed Brickner

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