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Shelley Mitchell

This appeared in a recent posting:
"Shelley Mitchell has posted a surprising statement (transcribed below) with which I strongly disagree.
There are many studies both academic and non academic which can illustrate readers on the (small) magnitude of Jewish prostitution in 1930's Argentina in relation to the (huge) magnitude of Jewish migration into Argentina. 
But generalizing dates as she does (1870 to WWII) and places of origin (see quote) and minimizing the enormous number of Jews who made a new decent life in this country is an oversimplification.
She ignores the important books and papers on the subject by saying "it must be studied and understood".
If Ms. Mitchell can provide bibliography to prove her points I'd be more than willing to read them.
I do feel sorry for the women engaged in prostitution in the 1930's by Jewish pimps and the profusely studied Zvi Migdal delictive ring, but her post is doing a disservice by a crude generalization.
Hope this helps to clarify the matter.
"One point in history not frequently discussed was the enslavement of Jewish immigrants from 1870 to WWII. They were forced into prostitution, mostly in Argentina. And many of their “owners” were Jewish. It is for that reason alone, many of these unwilling women will be lost to researchers. It’s doubtful that they were buried where their names would be known. Plus many arrived alone from Germany, Austria, and Western Europe. It’s an embarrassing aspect of our history but it must be studied and understood" 
Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mr. Chester, and fellow readers.  I am sorry if I've hurt your national pride but facts are facts.  I in no way condemned the entire Jewish population of Argentina during that period.  Large or small, it is still a fact.
There is much literature on the subject.  For example, 
It means that for some, no matter how much we look, there are lives that have been wiped out.  Cemeteries destroyed, names lost in mass graves, names lost to history.  That was the purpose of my comment.  We should understand that as much work as we do on our ancestry, there will always be spaces that cannot be filled.  
I'm sorry that this upset you and maybe others.  But unless you can show me these are false stories, I continue to say that we must recognize things that were done in our culture that weren't always perfect.  Despite our flaws, we still stand proudly and in unity with our people.  


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