Looking for relatives of Applebaum Genedel Arrived Ellis Island Aug., 1901 #poland #usa #russia


According to Ellis Islands repository, August 27, 1901, Appelbaum Genendel arrived in the United States with Russian nationality and place of residence - Semiaticy (the exact name of the place is (Seimitycze Poland). I have a very high likelihood that she is the sister/cousin of my grandmother Sheine Sara Godlenik (Appelbaum from home). I would like to thank you for more information about the family of Genendel family.
The name is listed as Ganendel, 14 years old single, arrived in August 1901, Passenger ID 604755060089. Also in September 1898, apparently her sister (although the surname is registered as Appelbin), Esther married, 24 years old, Passenger ID 602940090036 Born in Seimyticze Poland

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