Did my husband's family from Galicia have Sephardic roots? #sephardic #galicia


The story in my husband's family is that, although his grandfather emigrated to the US from Galicia, the family ended up there, circuitously and many generations earlier, as a result of the expulsion from Spain in late 15th century.  On a recent trip to Morocco, he was stopped a number of times and asked (through our guide) if he was a "Fezi;" we understand that meant that he resembled members of the Jewish community in Fez who had fled Spain hundreds of years earlier.  This all sounds somewhat unlikely to me, and my attempts to research his ancestry in Spain have turned up not a hint of confirmation.  But that could be because I don't know how and where to look.  His family name is DYM; they are kohens, and apparently included generations of rabbis (a family characteristic that ended on making landfall in NYC).  He was told, by his father, that the name itself is an ancient acronym of Hebrew letters...dalet-yud-mem...standing for "judge and defender."   Any ideas on how to proceed, for an enthusiastic but compared to you all, fairly incompetent genealogist?

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