Woman adopted in northern Michigan seeking Hungarian-Italian father's family #usa #dna


Dear all,

Maybe someone in the Toledo area can help me or other relatives...

I’m doing some family history research for my mom. I read a really nice article on the toledoattic.org website about the Birmingham neighbourhood and it's Hungarian heritage.

My mom was adopted in 1965 in Northern Michigan. She had however a Hungarian-Italian father (we think from Toledo). In 1965 he was 34.  His dad was Italian and his mom Hungarian.  From the paperwork back in 1965 it says he was a college graduate, a successful business man, had remodelled homes and sold them. He had very dark brown curly hair, dark brown eyes and a dark olive complexion.  He was a good swimmer, diver, generally liked sports and he was a good singer.  He had excellent health, worked hard and was enthusiastic. 
He would probably be 89 now. 
It’s a really interesting story about my mothers search for her father.  She started off looking for him after she found her biological mother (named Grace Schutte, pronounced shoot) about 20 years ago.  Her biological mother was 22 in 1965 when my mother was born and her father and her must have met 1964 prior and we think in Toledo, possibly at a bar.  They both liked to sing and Grace was an entertainer and possibly also a sales clerk.  Grace hasn’t told us much.  It says in the adoption paperwork that they were expected to be married and then he didn’t accept his domestic responsibilities to want to raise their child.  She showed up at her sister's house back in Michigan pregnant and then my mom was adopted. It was a closed adoption.
Since she’s started looking she’s done a few DNA tests.  50% came back Jewish heritage… probably from the father’s mother's side but a few generations back because on the adoption paperwork it says her father was Protestant.  I'm assuming they must have converted during or after one of the wars. Anyways my mom's DNA is on my heritage, ancestry and 23andme, if you want to look her up and compare feel free or I have GEDmatch and can use kitnumbers.  Ruth Skop is my mom's name.
Maybe you could help me out with some clues…probably a long shot but doesn’t hurt to try.          Looking forward to hearing from anyone!

Sincerely,   Michelle    <michelle.cosier@...>

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