Re: ID card microfilms reels for Lodz ghetto workers: searching link in Polish State Archives web site #lodz #holocaust

Bernard Flam

Thank you Megan, thank you Howard for your quick answer.
But I must be more precise :
  • I know these ID cards of ghetto workers have been indexed by a team of JRI-Poland and we can get a person's card on-line through JRI-Poland.
  • these cards are ID cards of ghetto workers, edited after 1943 : they have nothing to do, and I don't mix them, with family registration cards started during german occupation of Lodz ca 1916, and filled till 1921.
So my question is still open : who knows if and where are these 13.000 cards of microfilm reels 673 to 695* in Polish state Lodz ghetto archives ? 

Best regards from Paris
Bernard Flam

* reference to these reels appear page 166-167 of Finding Aid  RG-15.083M of Lodz ghetto archives edited by USHMM

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