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Jenny Schwartzberg

Dear Isabelle,

Part of my family is also from Stolovichi, the Kolpenitzky family.  I suggest you read the Yizkor book for Molchad which is in print:

I think it has material on Stolovichi and may give you some information on the educational resources available for Jews.

Jenny Schwartzberg
Chicago, IL

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I am researching my grandfather’s town of origin which is now called Stalavichy.  I am unable to find much about the Jewish community there in the late 1800’s.  Any suggestions would be most welcome.  My grandfather and his brother were apparently somewhat educated before they arrived in the US.  Grandfather studied at Cooper Union and became a civil engineer.  Great uncle was a pharmacist.  Would like to know more about how Jewish boys would have been educated in Stalavichy in late 1800’s.

Isabelle Selikoff

Jenny Schwartzberg
Acquisitions & Collection Development Assistant

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