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Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Dear Shelley,

A French investigation journalist reported on "Jewish white slave trade" in Argentina (1927).
 To be compared to Joseph Pulitzer,   Albert Londres (1884 – 1932) was a French journalist and writer
One of the inventors of investigative journalism, Londres not only reported news but created it, and reported it from a personal perspective.
He criticized abuses of 
colonialism such as forced labour.
Albert Londres gave his name to a journalism prize, the 
Prix Albert-Londres, for Francophone journalists (Wikipedia).
 Some of his most important "Reports from foreign countries" have been reprinted in 2017.

 One is "On way to Buenos Aires, 1927" and is dedicated to what was called "White slave trade", the old name for human trafficking of white women to countries out of Europa. Londres started his investigation with gangs from South of France (remember the movie "French connection"), how they take control of young women, how they cross ocean on a ship and how they organize their trade and live in Argentina. 

Some French young women tell their story.
Paper is 145 pages long.


As this trade was also organized by a lot of other international criminal gangs, 5 pages are devoted with "(Jewish) Polaks" title to the women concerned by our posts : how they were "negotiated" in Poland with a lot of promises to their families, and how they were exploited by their Jewish pimp in Buenos Aires.


These are the facts, not fake news...


Unfortunately to you, these pages are in French, nobody is perfect...

But I can scan them and send to you, ask by private mail.


In the same 2017 book, there is a large report "The wandering Jew has come home" (1930, 160 pages).
Londres traveled from Poland to Palestine and back, giving words to our "Vanished world" of Roman Vishniac's pictures.


Bernard Flam

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